The Canberra Liberals and Labor have both chosen women to take on the challenging Deputy Leaders job for their respective parties in the ACT Legislative Assembly.

ALP MLA Yvette Berry is deputy of ACT Labor, while Nicole Lawder was chosen as deputy leader of the Canberra Liberals.

Both spoke to breakfast host Louise Maher about their priorities and hopes as the 9th Assembly prepares to sit for the first time.

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“As we were driving back to Canberra, we heard a news story about a shooting at Monash University, And my husband said to me, "you know, your brother works at Monash University. Maybe you should ring him and make sure he's ok'. He was not OK." 

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The Government is yet to decide whether a kangaroo cull will go ahead but announced funding into a trial of non-lethal...

Posted by WIN News Canberra on Tuesday, 17 March 2015